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The Next Evolution in Deposition Technology; a purpose-built legal platform that combines secure video conferencing, interactive exhibit management, and cloud storage of deposition assets.

Easy-to-use, Professional Interface

  • Easy: Simple, intuitive interface
  • Secure: Modern, end-to-end encryption
  • Integrated: All-in-one, purpose-built software

Case Dynamics

Upload transcripts, search, and automatically check evidence against testimony.

Upload: Drag and drop your transcripts into Relativity. The text is automatically turned into searchable data.

Analyze: Compare evidence against testimony with the push of a button. Tag and link information / exhibits.

Strategize: Link all the pieces of your case together to provide a complete picture and winning strategy.


A cost-effective way to take complex testimony and distill it down to an easy-to-use format.

Summaries are priced by the page, rather than by the hour, and are very cost effective at as little as $3/page.

Government-Certified Security Levels

We offer an exclusive FedRAMP encrypted, US-based, US-stored technology for sensitive work product and deposition needs.

When security is essential, use the same level of certified technology that the government does.

Government Approved SaaS
Reciprocity to DoD Impact level 2

US Only
Operated and controlled by US-based personnel

Independent Development
Independent software development lifecycle that is implemented and controlled by US engineers

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