The Power of One™.

Case Dynamics

Upload transcripts, search, analyze, strategize and automatically check evidence against testimony with Case Dynamics from Trustpoint.One

Integrated Legal Solutions

Because Trustpoint.One can deliver multiple points of expertise, we can take your project from review through depositions and back again. All with one point of contact.

Document Review (Relativity)

Our dedicated document review team loads all materials into Relativity and completes the review process efficiently and reliably, with multiple phases of QC.

Reporters Dispatched

Armed with the road-map of pertinent issues contained in the binder, counsel schedules depositions and Trustpoint dispatches reporters nationwide.

Binder Prepared

Because our team is so familiar with the material and we have the specialists on hand, we often prepare the deposition binder for our clients.

Case Dynamics (Relativity)

We take all the deposition transcripts and load them back into Relativity. Automatically check evidence against testimony, annotate transcripts, run analytics, and create a smarter case strategy in less time.

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