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Summarize intricate testimony into a user-friendly actionable format, all with cost-effective per-page pricing.

Deposition Summaries

Designed to save you time and money, our summaries take complex testimony and distill it down to an easy-to-use format. We present you a document with all pertinent issues & facts outlined, so you can take action.


Because our summaries are priced by the page, rather than by the hour, they are very cost effective. Because you don’t have to wade through pages of text to get all the information you need, they make your time more cost-effective too.

Professional Quality

Summaries are written primarily by attorneys and paralegals with legal experience. They are written in plain, concise english that can be digested quickly. Our job is to summarize, not evaluate testimony. Before they are submitted, each document is reviewed and proofread by our quality control team.

Multiple Formats

Deposition summaries are available in any of three standard formats. Our chart and page-by-page formats provide a continuous distillation of the transcript with intuitive topic headings. The topical format, in which testimony is organized into topical sections, indicates the page location of all information pertaining to each main subject (or the subjects you specify). We can also modify the format for each summary to conform to your specific requirements. Just get in touch and tell us what you need, we’re here to help.


Summaries are priced by the page, rather than by the hour, and are very cost effective, with competitive rates designed to meet your specific legal documentation needs.
Note: Pricing subject to change

Deposition Summaries

Standard (6-10 business days)$3.00/page
Rush (3-5 business days)$3.25/page
48 Hour$3.50/page
24 Hour$3.75/page

Trial Transcripts

Standard (6-10 business days)$3.50/page
Rush (3-5 business days)$4.00/page
48 Hour$4.25/page
24 Hour$4.50/page

Cost Savings Example
What can you expect to save based on a full day deposition?

Assuming a full seven hour deposition, which will produce on average 35 pages per hour, or 245 pages for the full day. (Hourly rates for paralegals and associates will vary.)


$ 1,500 total cost
  • To review 245 pages:
    20 pages / hour = 12.25 hours
    (3 min per page)
    @ $125 / hour = $1,531


$ 2,450 total cost
  • To review 245 pages:
    20 pages / hour = 12.25 hours
    (3 min per page)
    @ $200 / hour = $2,450


$ 735 total cost
  • To review 245 pages:
    $3 per page
    $3 x 245 pages = $735
Best Value

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